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Jay Foster -

Dan Hagan -

Bill Piper -


 The Newest Projects at Lowell Tech

 Kids working on a face

Left to right: Yadyna Pos, Narith I'm, Steve Neves, Yamilex Santiago

Paper Mache with fabric and paper

Working on Teddy

 This is Cassady Monty building the mountain up under the face

James Anderson and Chris Baker are molding the Presidents

Any idea yet?


Bill Piper spraying on Bold Stone

Bold stone is a composite of ground up granite & flexible Polymers. Real Granite! It looks awesome!

 This isn't the only project we did.

Complete for Open House 

Mt. Rushmore!

Levitating hearth on this fireplace.

Serpentine Wall


Planter and Pavers

 Just before Open House

Spiral Light House

Concrete pads for the Softball field being constructed under the watchful eye of Sophomore Masonry Instructor Dan Hagan.

Instructor Dan Hagan 

Sophomore Group


Big foot

Shane Lavoie

Big foot getting bigger!

Yadyna Pos

Mr. Hagan is Advertising for the MTTA!

 Haley give the thumbs up!

Rain in the forecast!

Gravel is going in!

 Soggy day!

Forms and re-bar are ready for the concrete.

 Crete's here!

Placing the concrete.

Screeding the concrete.

Filling the second one.

 Almost done!

Broom finished.

Forms are off and time to clean up. Another job well done!