Everywhere you turn today, you see the work of a skilled mason: In office buildings, homes, schools, factories, municipal buildings and even the mall.  The Art of block and brick laying, tile setting, concrete finishing, and stone setting are all components of the trowel trades, more commonly called masonry.


The Massachusetts Trowel Trades Association, also known as the MTTA, was started in 1998 by the masonry instructors that actively teach in Massachusetts Vocational Schools.  Today we have six participating schools.


  • Baypath Regional
  • Greater Lowell Tech
  • Monty Tech
  • Essex Tech
  • Shawsheen Valley Tech
  • Whittier Tech


The MTTA was formed to aid and help fund schools' new and existing programs. Amongst us, we have the entire masonry curriculum that has been aligned with the DOE Frame Works.


We have support of many masonry suppliers around the state whom are very generous with donations which aid in teaching our students.


The Association has a monthly meeting and all masonry instructors are encouraged to attend.  It gives everyone opportunity to share what they are working on, and brain storm future projects.


We organize a yearly masonry contest that is hosted by a different school within our association.


Our organization is committed to the training of highly skilled students in all aspect of the trade. Our programs conform to the ever changing demands of the industry while still maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship.


Please contact me if you're interested in forming a masonry program at your school.  We're here to help!


Dave Collins

Vice President MTTA




2022-2023 MTTA Board of Directors 


President - Matt Palmer

Vice President - Dave Collins

Treasure - Jay Foster

Secretary - Jim Bonito

Congratuations to the New Board of Directors!


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Shawsheen Tech Students Build a Replica

 of Fenway Park

Click link below to see video

Watch a 10 yard Concrete Slab Pour at

 Essex North Shore Agricultural &

Technical High School.

The entire project was poured, finished,

narrated and filmed by School Instructors,

including MTTA Vice-President Dave
Collins and Timothy Lavoie.